What is the Customer Journey?

Why each stage is equally important

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Acquisition

  1. Receives email acknowledgement (this could be the start of a welcome series)
  2. Whilst waiting for product to arrive they receive updates via email or text.
  3. Product arrives
  4. Packaging, quality and usability are assessed by the customer.
  5. Customer is either satisfied or dissatisfied based on the entire process.

4. Service

  • Responding quickly to emails or phone calls
  • Making the process clear and simple to understand
  • Resolving the complaint quickly and with personality

5. Loyalty

  • Ask for testimonials
  • Google reviews
  • Offer discounts for future purchases
  • Referral schemes for friends and family
  • Membership/ loyalty programmes

Its been a journey



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Marco Biondi

Marco Biondi


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