Tips On How To Develop Your Brand in 2022 (Part 2: Physical)

1. Process, process, process.

  • Greeting your customers — first impressions are eveything! Be warm, open and make them feel at ease. If you have time, ask a couple of questions like ‘what brings you in today?”, “have you shopped with us/ had an experience with us before?” and point out relevant areas of the showroom or shop including facilities like food, drinks and customer bathrooms. Make it easy for them.
  • Sales Process — whether you’re a consultation-based type of business or solely deal with walk-ins make sure your team are prepared. Let customers know what to expect by clearly signposting their experience. Let your teammates know who’s doing what, who’s looking after which customers and when it’s crazy busy, get everyone pitching in to cover ground quicker.
  • Complaints — this will usually fall to the manager or their assistant but everyone faces them at some point. Know what to say for each circustance and guide dissatisfied customers away from the midst of it all, there’s nothing more off-putting than seeing an angry shopper when you’re roaming a store.

2. Presentation

  • Organise by popularity — if you know what is or what is going to be a hugely popular purchase then get it seen! Give this item priority and as my old boss used to say, “put it in danger of being sold.”
  • Colour pallettes — certain seasons or themes can dictate how you merchandise, for example Christmas will see lots of reds, whites and golds but work with what you have. Don’t group too much of the same, break neutral up with colours and make it a visual experience to wow customers.
  • Direct customers from left to right — most people will walk into a store and look left then follow that path all the way around. Use this to intelligently place items in their path. Guide them on a journey right the way round.
  • Staff — kind of goes without saying but be sure to have your staff looking tidy and appropriate. Uniforms can solve this problem but a lot of businesses opt for self-dress policies so have a chat about what image you want to portray for your brand. If that means you provide a bursary for staff — do it. Or give guidance on what you expect. Image is not everything but appearing well presented goes a long way with customers.

3. Continuity

  • Conduct an audit — check prices in-store vs online to make sure they match.
  • Check competitors — do the prices match or similar?
  • Update descriptions — keep it fresh. Does the copy make the product sing? Could more be done to promote certain items?
  • Get your website, store and socials looking the same. Brand continuity helps even when you can’t see the immediate results.

4. Save it for later

  • Ask permission to contact later — agree a date to follow up, it makes it a whole lot less awkward when they’re expecting a call. Send them the reminder too.
  • Follow up — emails are perfect. You can send feedback surveys to assess their experience and make positive changes. SMS works well for this too but let them know to expect it.
  • Marketing lists — once they give you the OK, keep in touch with newsletters, promotions and sales funnels. Keep them enagaged and they’ll come back when they’re ready.

5. Keep your team enthusiastic

Bring it all together



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